Why You Will Love Our Instant Superfood Shakes

If you love that feeling after you eat clean... Then you are going to adore our Superfood Shakes... Which nourish your body with all of the right nutrients... Simply mix the shake powder with water (or juice) and you're set!

How NutriPlan Shakes Can Help You:

  • Lose weight and reduce food cravings with plant-based nutrition. 
  • Detoxify and cleanse with natural detoxifiers (like Spirulina!)
  • Healthy, natural energy with the Guarana fruit (without the coffee jitters!)
  • Enrich skin and hair with antioxidant-rich fruits (also packed with beta-carotene and vitamins!)
  • Improve digestion with high fibre fruits and plants (like Kale!)
  • Balance blood-sugar levels and reduce cholesterol with nutritious fruits & veggies like Avocado and Broccoli. 

      Superfood Shakes